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Scottish Distillery Tours

The Best Whisky Tours In Scotland! 

A Scotch Whisky Tour allows you to explore some of Scotland's most beautiful scenery whilst visiting the distilleries that produce your favourite malts. With me as your personal scottish tour guide, you can relax, take in the scenery, a little bit of local commentary and enjoy a dram or two along the way! Scotland's whisky producing areas are divided into six different regions: Campbeltown, Highland, Island, Islay, Lowland and Speyside. Depending on the duration of your Scotch Whisky Tour, you could incorporate more than one area into a tour itinerary or you may choose to concentrate on one. A tour of the island distilleries for example, could take several days but you could cover a visit to one or two Highland and/or Lowland distilleries on a day trip from Edinburgh or Glasgow. The itinerary permutations are endless so the best thing to do is to contact me to discuss your ideas, I can then draw up a tailor made schedule based on your preferences and my local knowledge. I can also recommend and book hotels along the route for multi-day whisky tours.

Campbeltown Distillery Tour

Having been dubbed the whisky capital of the world with 34 distilleries at its height of production, the town of Campbeltown is now the smallest of the six whisky producing areas with just three working distilleries, the minimum number to qualify as a 'region'. Springbank and Glengyle have the same owners and as such you can tour both on the same ticket. It is possible to visit on day tours from Glasgow but would be a bit of a stretch from Edinburgh where two days would be ideal. For a longer itinerary, combine Campbeltown with a visit to Islay, Scotland's whisky island, with no fewer than nine distilleries, and not forgetting the distillery on the adjacent, remote island of Jura, famous for its hills, red deer and as the place where Goerge Orwell wrote the novel 1984. Oban is another distillery that could be tagged on to this schedule.

Highland Distillery Tour

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Highland Distillery Tour

Highland distilleries cover the largest area of Scotland, North West of the Highland fault line, providing great opportunities for a circular Scotch Whisky Tour. Contained in this vast area of wilderness are some of the most remote distilleries and also the highest (Tomatin) and the smallest traditional distillery(Edradour), as far south as Oban and as far north as Caithness. A visit to a Speyside distillery (see below) can easily be incorporated into a Highland distillery tour from Edinburgh or Glasgow with a minimum of two days needed.

Islands Distillery Tour

A Scotch Whisky Tour of the islands is the most logistically complicated to undertake owing to the geographical spread of the Hebrides Islands and Northern Isles. Jura is best combined with a trip to the distilleries of Islay and Arran can be combined with Campbeltown or Bladnoch distillery in Galloway. Tobermory and Talisker can be paired together on a three day tour and the Orkney distilleries would be best combined with a visit to the Highlands on a multi-day tour. As part of the wave of new distilleries opening in Scotland, you can now include the Isles of Raasay and Harris to the roster of eponymous island distilleries. In addition, Skye and Arran have second distilleries up and running with the opening of Torabhaig and Lagg, respectively.

Islay Distillery Tour

The unique island of Islay is home to some of the most iconic and distinguished whiskies on the planet such as Laphroaig and Bowmore and there are now, at the time of writing, nine working distilleries on the island, with another two in the pipeline. It is worth spending at least two or three days sampling the laid back charm of this whisky lovers paradise. There are some great places to stay on the island and some fine whiskies to taste!

Speyside Whisky Tour

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Speyside Whisky Tours

Speyside has the highest concentration of malt whisky distilleries on the planet - over 50 of them at the last count! This, and the fact that some of the most iconic whisky brands produce their golden elixir in this region, are good enough reason to hit the Speyside Whisky Trail. Take the MacAllan tour at their new state of the art facility or book a connoisseurs tour at Balvenie-but don't leave it til the last minute because they only take 16 people per day and are usually fully booked months in advance! or you could just pop in to Glenlivet for their free tour or perhaps you just want a quick tasting at Glenfiddich, Cardhu or Aberlour. You can also visit the Speyside Cooperage to see first hand how the casks are made. 

If you are travelling from Glasgow or Edinburgh you'll need to stay at least one night in Speyside and their are plenty of whisky themed places to stay, such as the Mash Tun in Aberlour and the Craigellachie Hotel in the village of the same name.​

Glasgow Distillery Tour 

A day trip from Glasgow or Edinburgh to the two distilleries of Auchentoshan, a triple distilled Lowland single malt made just outside the city in Clydebank, and Glengoyne, a Highland single malt produced at the foot of the volcanic Campsie Hills. 

Multi-day tours of Scotland can incorporate all of the whisky regions with an itinerary that would be similar to the Grand Tour of Scotland.

I would be more than happy to create some different Whisky Tours of Scotland itineraries, just let me know your favourite single malts and I will draw up some options to

To discuss your options for a whisky tour of Scotland please email me at [email protected]