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Cynthia and Fred Schmidt

Minnesota, USA

Traveled on a Guided Tour Late September, Early October, 2018

It is with great admiration and joy that we (I) compose this letter of recommendation to you on behalf of Guided Tours of Scotland! Fred and I are still talking about the wonderful trip of a lifetime, which could never have happened without you, your expertise, the comfortable transportation (your van was perfect), but most of all YOU. Even though your knowledge of Scotland, its history, landmarks, tragedies and triumphs is borderline encyclopedic, the real fun was spending that adventurous week with you. Thanks for turning moments into memories. Whomever else is reading this “review’, you are one of those folks who pays attention to every detail anticipated by your clients; you have knowledge of the best places to dine, shop, accommodations, the daily scrumptious toffee, and, considering my love for photography, you knew where I could get just the right shot! I was literally brought to tears at the beauty, history, architecture, Highland Cows, castles, lakes, waterfalls, bridges and about a million other images of Scotland and her people. Thanks for handling my being overwhelmed! I suspect you knew how dear Scotland was becoming in my heart.

For anyone considering touring Scotland and other destinations in the UK, the choice is simple: Greg Kain.

On a final note, since we’ve returned home, we remembered our local little tavern (Al’s Center City Saloon) has quite an extensive (at least 20) collection of Scottish whiskies. Yup, Dalwhinnie & Talisker to name a two. We’ve been sampling, and of course, the memories flow right along with the whisky!

No goodbyes, just bon voyage until we meet again! Slainte!

Cyn and Fred

[email protected]

(please feel free to contact me should you be thinking of touring with Greg)

On Thu, 23 Aug 2018 at 14:07, junzo sugiguchi [email protected]> wrote:

Hello! Greg,

We came back home safely a few days ago.

We are still a bit tired with a jet-lag.

We had a good time all the way in Scotland together with you.

We appreciate your kindness and help.

Now we are making a schedule through Scotland for next year.

We’d like to let you know it when it is fixed.

Thank you again.

Best regards,

Junzo & Eiko

from:Kapil Garg [email protected]


21 July 2017 at 17:03

Hi Greg,

Sorry for writing you late.

We all wanted to thank you for a wonderful experience you gave us. The drive was always a pleasure, very safe and fantastic control on the cozy and very comfortable vehicle. Your knowledge about the architecture, culture, history, explaining and describing elaborately and clearly and taking us to many such places that are generally not covered in any of the conducted tours made the experience very special and memorable for us. We will cherish the memories for a very long time and whenever we will think of the trip you will also flash for sure.

Once again, We thank you for a fantastic tour.

Warm Regards

Vandita, Tanvi, Kanu and Kapil Garg

Gurgaon, India


From: Jane Robbins <[email protected]>

Sent: Saturday, 4 July 2015, 18:30

Subject: Re: flight

Hi Greg

Hope you received our payment. Once again thank you for a wonderful week, you are truly in the right profession. If you ever need a letter of recommendation please ask. We also felt safe and cared for .

Take care,Jane ,Wayne,Jeff and Leighann.

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From: Cynthia Kisser

Sent: Sunday, 28 June 2015, 17:20

Subject: See testimonial attached

Dear Greg,

Unquestionably, your services made my family’s visit to Scotland extraordinary. First, having you drive the five of us from Edinburgh Airport to our self-catering house on the west coast was much faster and more convenient than if we had taken the bus or train, avoided the changes in Glasgow for the travel north; and the cost was no greater than had we bought public transport tickets for all of us instead.

But what really made the trip special was hiring you to give us a full one-day tour a week later that started on the west coast and returned us to Edinburgh, where we had booked additional lodging. I want to tell those who read this testimonial that Greg is a wonderful tour guide. He planned an excellent itinerary for us for our drive through the Highlands to Edinburgh that allowed us to enjoy scenic beauty such as Glencoe, yet also visit such architectural and historical gems as Stirling Castle and Doune Castle. He knew the perfect pub in a small village for us to have lunch with marvelous, unique menu selections. While driving us, both on the initial drive from the airport and on the later day tour, Greg was able to seamlessly sift from talking about the history of Scotland to its environment and natural wildlife to the contemporary political and social issues it faces, depending of the interests each of us, with diverse backgrounds, brought to our trip. He allowed us to set the pace for the tour in terms of the time we wanted to spend at locations where we stopped, and intuitively understood when to share background on the areas through which we passed, and when to give us time to talk among ourselves. He always gave us our own privacy at each of the locations at which we stopped to wander the area, take photographs, browse gift stores and buy a cup of tea or coffee. An added bonus was that in advance of the trip, Gregg willingly answered my many emails soliciting ideas for activities our family could undertake while on our own in the Highlands and then in Edinburgh and recommendations on restaurants at which to eat. I had my own expert on Scotland at my fingertips in advance of our trip to maximize my family’s time in Scotland.

We obtained far better value by using the services of Guided Tours of Scotland, both for the initial transport, and then for the day long tour, than we would have had we used public transport to try to get around Scotland and taken the many commercial tours that would have been necessary to see all the areas we visited on the tour. Instead of being crowded in tour buses and expected to adopt schedules set by the tour companies, we were able to comfortably travel in a roomy mini-van for our exclusive use, and stop whenever and wherever we wanted for the day.

The level of service you provide Greg is extraordinary, and if anyone reading this review is thinking of using his services, rest assured that Guided Tours of Scotland will exceed your expectations.

Best wishes,


From: Gaston <[email protected]>

Sent: Wednesday, July 16, 2014 9:50 PM

Subject: Re:


We are back home and back to the daily grind! Thanks again for your help to make it a great trip.

We had a wonderful time. We thoroughly enjoyed the in depth information that you provided. Traveling is more than just seeing great views. It is about understanding other people and cultures in a more in depth manner. You provided all of the above and more. A great experience.


April 20, 2014

Dear Greg

I can’t believe it’s been a week already since we left Scotland! But, however busy, I think Carole will agree, thoughts of Scotland and our wonderful 6 days with you were frequent.

We enjoyed Edinburg and Glasgow, but, “THE VERY BEST” part of our trip was our customized (bespoke) Highlands and Islands tour with Guided Tours of Scotland. No way to ever express our appreciation for your attention to our individual needs, requests, and impromptu “shopping desires”.

As someone who has traveled extensively both for work and pleasure, I personally found your Company and you to be Five Star, and, the best customized tour I have ever engaged. As our Guide you were an Experienced and Safe driver, Personable/Witty, Versatile, Flexible, Knowledgeable about contemporary and historical Scotland, Attentive to details i.e. communications in trip planning, travel related cost/benefits, client personal requirements, etc. And, you have an exceptionally comfortable and clean vehicle with viewing windows (plus water and caramels!)

So, that said, the main message to convey to you is:

Thank You so very much for helping make our visit to Scotland become not just a vacation, but, a special memory.

Best Wishes,

Jean Beatie

Carole Ouellet

From: Aggie Kostovick <[email protected]>

Sent: Saturday, May 10, 2014 12:34 AM

Subject: YOU

Dear Greg, Hope you remember us: Dave & Amy Peelstrom& Aggie...We still speak of you so often - like a householdname...Just thought I would send you a note to say Helloand to let you know how much I still have England - andthanks to you - Scotland in my heart...My family loved all my photos - ( Davey & I gave a little travelogue when we were all together at Thanksgiving.) Well Greg, I hope you are fine and that your business isfaring brilliantly...Always remember you have a group here inthe States that think the world of you - and miss you...Youare the BEST! All the best from Aggie with hugs from thethree of us...(P.S. - I continue to read about Scotland, takeout videos from the library - where I located the seriesTaggart, the detective from Glasgow...just loved it...So, take special care of yourself, dear Greg, and keep safe on the roads. Blessings.

From: Mary MacLeod <[email protected]>

Sent: Saturday, 4 January 2014, 3:24

Subject: Re: Greetings from Calgary MacLeods

Hello Greg!

Happiest of New Year's to you and your family for 2014! I hope this finds you well, happy and warm :-). We are just on the returning to everyday life around here with kids getting ready to go back to school next week and the turkey bits now frozen for other meals once we've forgotten how much of it we have eaten.

I do need to apologize for not getting you the video of the sheep in the bus stop! The camera I borrowed would not allow me to download the file onto the Mac and I've had a bit of a time trying to find a conversion program but, I think that I may have one that will work. Our family camera had its own adventure travelling about western Canada in a rental car in October and November. It has found its way back to us and more importantly the travel photos have made it back too! I will be downloading our photos and videos this week and will send you a few once I've gone through them.

I'll also send along a note about how wonderful our Scotland trip truly was as a testimonial. You made us comfortable, took care of us and showed us a truly magical time. We all awoke on the last day a little sad because we knew we were missing your company that day.We think of our summer holiday often and you are remembered in our conversations with fondness. I do intend to keep my promise and get the video to you, hopefully without much more fuss.

All the best for the coming year Greg,


May 16, 2013

Dear Greg,

I would like to thank you for the great time we had with you during our Scotland visit. You showed us some beautiful places and were very knowledgable about every where we went. Betty and I enjoyed it very much.

I f you have any future Americans wanting references fell free to let me know and I will send you a email you can foward to them.

Say hello to your wife for us. If ya'll come to South Carolina let us know maybe we can help you a little.

And how do you say it?

Best regards,

Earl and Betty Buchanan

From: Howard Fagan [email protected]

Sent: Friday, 8 June 2012, 23:44

Subject: Our Recent Tours

Dear Greg,

We want to thank you for the tours you provided for us in Glasgow and in Edinburgh last month. You met us at the cruise ship pier in Glasgow and we were impressed with you, the vehicle you used, the manner in which you conducted yourself, and the day you had planned for us. We were so impressed that we cancelled the ship's excursion in Edinburgh and booked that day with you too. You were so friendly, so polite, so knowledgeable, and so eager to answer all our questions, even the ones you decided to research for us. You even fulfilled our request to put our fingers into the North Sea! You made us feel important and we appreciate that very much.

We would recommend your company to everyone wanting a pleasant, specially-tailored day of touring in Scotland. In fact, should we return to Scotland, we will contact you right away.


Howie and Elaine Fagan

Tucson, Arizona USA

From: Jerry Viene <[email protected]>

Sent: Sunday, 29 April 2012, 19:03

Subject: Scotland Tour

I am writing to thank you so much for the services you provided to us (the Viene & Finleon Party) on Tuesday, April 17 in Edinburgh, Scotland. The vehicle was perfect and our driver Greg Kain was wonderful, so knowledgeable about Scotland. The itenerary that was planned gave us the opportunity to utilize our limited time to the fullest. If the opportunity arises we would gladly recommend Greg and your compnay. Please give Greg the attached picture.


Jerry & Jeannette Viene

Grand Princess Cruise ship.

From: Frani Smith <[email protected]>

Subject: Re: Transportation Request

Date: Saturday, 9 July, 2011, 1:33

Thank you, Greg . . . . beautiful country, beautiful people - we enjoyed it all and hope to comeback someday. Will certainly recommend your services to friends visiting the area. Thank you for the smooth ride & hospitality.

Best, Frani Smith

From:[email protected]

Subject: esperienza del tour

Date: Tuesday, 7 June, 2011, 18:55

Ciao Greg

Voglio testimoniare il piacere di aver trascorso tre giorni in tua compagnia. La tua professionalità è risultata eccellente come la tua cortesia e puntualità. I tour che abbiamo fatto, io e mia moglie, si sono rilevati ottimi sia come percorsi che come suggerimenti da te proposti. I paesaggi li abbiamo ammirati con la giusta calma e comodità. Insomma, poter godere dei confort che la tua auto, comodissima, offre senza essere trattati come numeri da portare in giro su percorsi prestabiliti con tempi di sosta brevi, dove tutto è programmato come dove fermarsi per un pasto o per fare compere e addirittura anche per andare in bagno è stato stupendo. Grazie Greg.

Lo consiglio vivamente a tutti coloro che vogliono godersi una vacanza in SCOZIA

From: Annette McGinlay

Subject: Kirkintilloch and Cumnock

Date: Friday, 5 November, 2010, 21:50

I just wanted to write to let you know what a fantastic two days we had with you. For David to see his childhood home and haunts in such a relaxed way was something we will always treasure. I had always hoped that this would be the highlight of our trip but it so exceeded our expectations.We would like to thank you for the effort you put in to make those two days so memorable for us and especially David. The fact that we were able to see everything we wanted to and extra was due to your research and planning and it was much appreciated.We have been singing you praises far and wide and hope this will bring you some more business.

Thanks again

Annette and David McGinlay, Christchurch, New Zealand

From: Nancy Lee Grey [email protected]

Sent: Monday, 9 August, 2010 17:34:06

Subject: Tour on July 22nd

Dear Greg,

I want to thank you for the wonderful day we spent with you going to Culzean Castle. The weather Gods were certainly with us and made every place we saw even more spectacular. We were so happy we had your very comfortable van to be in rather than herded on the buses from the ship!!! Passing along the Ayrshire coast was breathtaking and all the little towns......I especially remember Largs and all the sail boats we saw in the water.......most impressive. The town of Alloway where Robert Burns was born was lovely also. That area of Scotland is truly beautiful. We will certainly pass your name along to any of our friends headed your way so they can enjoy what we saw.

Thanks so much again for wonderful memories!


Nancy Lee Grey, USA