Guided To​urs of Scotland

Ireland and Scotland Tour

An Ireland and Scotland Tour could be anything from a compact three day itinerary to a two week tour incorporating the best of these Celtic countries. Travel between the two is easy with two relatively short ferry crossings of about 2 hours between Troon (Ayr) and Larne & Cairnryan (Stranraer) and Belfast. These sea routes have carried immigrants in both directions over centuries which have helped to shape and entwine the histories of Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

This is a tour that could either be done as a circular, starting and finishing in Glasgow or Edinburgh or as a point to point itinerary, for example, starting in Edinburgh and finishing in Dublin, or vice versa. For the Scottish leg of this tour you could incorporate anywhere on the mainland or the Hebrides Islands, if you need any inspiration have a look at my Scottish tour suggestions. In Ireland I would recommend taking in either Belfast or Dublin before or after touring the west coast, including Donegal, the charming, small city of Galway and the Dingle peninsula. The west of Ireland is famous for its slow pace of life where enjoying a pint of Guinness or two and watching the world go by is a national pastime!

If you are looking for a stand-alone Irish tour (not including Scotland) then I would recommend, 'My Ireland Tour - Escorted Group Tours of Ireland'.

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