Guided To​urs of Scotland

Highland Tour

A Highland Tour could be a day trip from Glasgow or Edinburgh, or a multi day tour including the South West Highlands, West Highlands, North West Highlands, Central Highlands and Perthshire Highlands. As you can see we have no shortage of Highlands! You can break these down into two areas; the western mountains take in a very rugged, jagged coastline with alpine peeks, deep freshwater lochs and long protruding fjord like sea lochs, much of it shaped by ancient volcanic activity. The latter two form a plateau of more rounded, land - locked mountains and wider glens (valleys) formed by glacial erosion. Both have stunning scenery throughout and it is easy to combine both of these upland areas into an itineray of more than one day. Alternatively I can tailor make day trips from Glasgow and Edinburgh to the West Highlands, Perthshire Highlands and Central Highlands (Cairngorms National Park).

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